Format: LP
Released: August 14, 2023
Catalog number: TZ-006


Inclusions finishes a journey started with my first album—Detached. Traveling from edgy industrial electronics and crunchy vocal treatments to ethereal pads, dance beats, guitars, computerized vocals, strings, harps, and brass as the album finishes on a lofty blue note.

Inclusions and Detached were intended to be a two disc album of light and dark duality. The two albums have been separated by time and various projects, until now.

Like inclusions in a gemstone, Inclusions is a tribute to all the hidden wonders in life that often go overlooked.

The songs of Inclusions and its companion album Detached were written between 1994 and 1999. They document my trials and tribulations, relationships, amazing adventures and journey from youth into adulthood. Each song remains true to its time and heart.

I was fortunate enough to assemble some old friends and talented musicians to produce this album. It was an amazing journey into the past and an excellent beginning to a new chapter of music making.

I love everything about music, I hope this album makes that note loud and clear. 

Track List
01. Giving Way (Inclusion Mix) – 3:28
02. damage control – 5:15
03. The opposite of us – 1:59
04. unattended – 3:15
05. styx and stone – 5:09
06. technological love – 4:08
07. Alchemy – 3:38
08. bounce back – 2:54
09. neverending – 4:56
10. synchronize (inclusion mix) – 7:08
11. play time – 4:09
12. enclave on oakes – 5:06


written by Ryan Burkholder
performed by Ryan Burkholder except:

Ryan Burkholder: vocals, electronics
Michael Dollar: percussion toms

Ryan Burkholder: electronics, foley
Jay Young: guitar, electronics

Ryan Burkholder: electronics
Dana Nyson: guitar, electronics
Tony Redic: bass guitar

Ryan Burkholder: electronics
Adam Lance: bass guitar

produced by Ryan Burkholder
programmed by Ryan Burkholder
mixed by Ryan Burkholder
recorded by Ryan Burkholder except:

guitar recorded by Dana Nyson
bass guitar recorded by Tony Redic

vocals and percussion toms recorded by Mike Dollar

bass guitar recorded by Adam Lance

additional recording by Mike Dollar

guitar recorded by Jay Young

mastered by Ryan Burkholder
engineered by Ryan Burkholder

art concept by Ryan Burkholder and Milt Klingensmith
artwork and design by Milt Klingensmith

promotional photography by August Nyson Creative

THANK YOU (present)
Betty, Deidre Doezema, MJ & Chuck Doezema, Mike Dollar, Jon Hayes, Milt Klingensmith, Adam Lance, Gabriel Newkirk, August Nyson, Dana Nyson, Aaron Rademaker, Tony Redic, Jay Young, my friends and family supporting me along the way and all the awesome artists that have inspired me. Love connects us all.

THANK YOU (past)
Betty, Herm Baker, The Enclave, Farrow’s Music, GRTV, Kick and Associates, Lillian’s Vid’Cafe, Liquid Room, Robert Livingston, Billy Mia, Paul “from Colorado”, Chuck Peterson, Rainbow Music, RIT Music, Julie Schenk, Rodney Shank, Timothy Steere, Vertigo Music, Jon Wade, WYCE, Ken Yonker and the City of Wyoming Public Library.

Technical thanks to AKAI, Arturia, Audient, Audio Modeling, Behringer, FabFilter, Korg, M-Audio, MOTU, Native Instruments, Reason Studios, SoftTube, Sweetwater Sound, Syntaur, Vienna Symphonic Instruments. A very special thanks to my fellow music makers sharing your knowledge and time. The support communities you’ve built are amazing.

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

All songs produced by Ryan Burkholder (BMI)

℗ 2023 CD Baby Publishing
© 2023 Ryan Burkholder


“All my years I was saying that the music is the most important force of the Universe and its generator. The extraordinary thing is that the primitive man, having to face all the difficulties of survival, at the same time he found the time to create the first instruments. Therefore, a stretched skin became a drum, few holes in a bamboo became a flute and few tied strings became a harp and so on. I don’t consider that as a luxury for these people but as a basic need. That is something that continues until our days.”